DCC 2014

December 28 - January 2


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Denver Christmas Conference

What it's all about

We want to see your life changed. We want to see the world changed.

Every year college students have the chance to grow closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, powerful worship, passionate Bible teaching and community at Denver Christmas Conference (DCC). You will be equipped with life and ministry skills, connect and network with other students and reach out locally and globally. You won’t want to miss it. Go to DCC for an unforgettable winter break!

If you’re looking for information on DCC High, the high school conference at DCC, please visit this site.

DCC takes place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Denver. You’ll enjoy a five night stay in this fantastic location located just a block off of Denver’s famous 16th Street Mall.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

650 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202



About the Speakers

What You Will Hear

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for you to listen to and learn from at DCC 2014 and we’re still adding some more!
Take time to check out their bios and get to know them even before you arrive.


Conference Dates &


DEC.28.14 – JAN.02.15


Online registration has closed, but you can still register onsite on December 28th, for $300. We look forward to seeing you!




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Q: When should I arrive in Denver?

A: DCC begins on December 28th with onsite registration going from 1 pm to 5 pm! The first session will kick off at 7 pm that night. You won’t want to miss it!

Q: Can I still go to DCC even though online registration is already closed?

A: YES! Just jump in a car with some friends going to DCC and register onsite at the Hyatt in Denver! You will pay the full amount ($300) as you go through registration!

Q: Can I pay with a check?

A: Yes! Please make your check out to “Cru.” Bring the check with you to onsite registration at the Hyatt.

Q: What other costs will I have at DCC?

A: You will be responsible for all meals during your time at DCC and any Denver/DCC souvenirs you’d like.

Q: I invited at least two new people who have never been to DCC and they used the Crupon link!! When I registered online the cost of DCC did not reflect the discount of $20 for each person I invited. When do I get the money back??

A: Not to fret! If you paid for DCC in full online, you’ll get $20 back in cash for each person you invited when you go through onsite registration in Denver. If you only paid the deposit when you registered online, the $20 discount per new person invited will be reflected in the remaining amount you have to pay onsite.

Q: Do I get to pick who I room with during DCC??

A: Absolutely you do! When you go through onsite registration at the Hyatt, you will go through a housing section. Just make sure you are with the three other people you would like to room with when you go through that section of registration!
Q: How many roommates will I have at DCC?

A: In past years, you’ve only had the option to have 3 roommates, a total of 4 per room. This year you can still room with three other people but have a new option. You can pay an extra $150 to room with just one other person. Your other roommate will have to pay the extra $150 also. This upgrade payment should be completed on our online registration. Please make sure to go through onsite registration with this person!

Q: If for some reason I can’t go to DCC and already paid can I get my money back?

A: You will be refunded the full amount EXCEPT the $50 deposit you are required to make when you register online.

Q: If I’m not apart of Cru can I still come?

A: Of course.

Q: Can I still attend this conference if I go to school in a different region!

A: Yes, please come!

Q: Is there a mini fridge in my room?

A: Yes! Helpful for any snacks you might want to bring that need to be refrigerated. But remember, its a MINI fridge!

Q: If I drive to DCC and park at the Hyatt, how much will parking cost?

A: Parking is $13 a day!

Q: If I’m a student and married, can I get a room with just my spouse?

A: Yes! But there will be an extra charge. You will need to make that selection during online registration where you can upgrade to just one other roommate.

DCC 2014 Schedule